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Home Wish List

“If wishes were fishes, we’d all cast nets.” – Gurney Halleck, Book 1: Dune

These are my wishes. I dream of an ocean!

For my kitchen:

A portable induction burner that can be set as low as 80 degrees, and a couple of pans that work on it for making chocolate confections.

A broiler that works. (Mine smells like overheated electrical wiring when I turn it on, so I don’t use it.)

More dishes for my Fiesta set so I can put dirty ones in the dishwasher instead of washing right after using because I need them for the next meal.

For me:

Pants that don’t fall down.

A nice dress.

A couple of pairs of cute flip flops.

For my house:

No more carpeting on the stairs. (Or in the guest room! But in particular the stairs!)

Storage shelves in the laundry room.

For others (and some really big lottery fish for me!):

The means to fix both my daughter’s houses. They both need major work and have safety issues.

The means for my MIL to live in a bigger place with better, more nutritional food.

Take DH for a week’s vacation to Hawaii for the honeymoon we never had.

A kitchen that isn’t a dark hole and actually works for the way we eat.

Be in the live audience during two filmings of the Ellen DeGeneres Show (my favorite day-time TV show!). One that includes a GF Vegan Baking demo for flour tortillas that are edible and one that highlights skin care and makeup that is some brand I can actually use, unscented and hypoallergenic (and that I could afford to buy!)

Be able to attend a good culinary school and graduate with a GF vegan chef degree.

And last but not least (starfish):

World peace.

Our country to recognize that to reduce the cost of health care we all need to fix the way we eat! And for our government to fully support the concept and not do or support things that make us less healthy.

Top notch college education be free and open to anyone as long as they maintain good grades because it makes us a better society.

More GF Vegan Restaurants closer to where I live (and afford to eat at!)