Asian Spring Rolls

Asian Spring Rolls


· NotPork

· avocado slices

· daikon shreds, dried, reconstituted in cold water

· red bell pepper

· carrot, grated

· cucumber, sliced

· zuchinni, shredded

· green bell pepper, chopped

· red onion, chopped

· Nori Komi Furikake

· spring roll wrappers


Slide a rice paper wrapper into a bowl of water. It only needs to be in there for a few seconds! It will still be stiff when you take it back out, and put it on a plate.

Fill the center of the lower half with whatever you wish. Be careful not to over fill it!

Fold the sides over the filling until they can touch and stick together. Then fold the bottom up and start rolling up the spring roll. Be careful, because by now, the wrapper will be soft and can tear if you tug too hard on it.