Cool Tool: Freezer Paper

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I think freezer paper is one of my all-time favorite crafting tools! I buy it in the largest rolls I can find and I use it for all sorts of things. It is a reasonably heavy white paper that has a plastic coating on one side. What makes it so cool is that you can iron it on to stuff.

If you saw yesterday’s post… Freezer paper is used to make the Poppet Dolls. You can iron a pattern piece cut from freezer paper to fabric. When you’re done with it, it will peel right off! Great for stitching around odd or difficult shapes.

I also use it to cut out small patterns from felt. If you’ve ever tried to trace around a pattern, onto a piece of felt for cutting out a shape, you know how much trouble it is. Those magic purple pens just bleed into the felt, or the color doesn’t show up. The freezer paper solves the problems, and I have a nice, crisp cutting line to follow.

You can use it as a stencil. Cut out your design, iron the paper to the front of a t-shirt, paint, add glitter and/or color with markers, let dry and then peel off the paper. Nice crisp edges on your your designs.

You can make an ink jet transfer print with it. (Use an old printer for this, not your best, most expensive one. Laser printers won’t work.) You can print on the coated side of the paper. Let dry. Iron it onto your fabric, print side down. This will work for making “Made by…” labels for your special gift items. Permanence will vary, depending on the item and how you treat it and what type of ink you use. Keep in mind that you will need to print your image onto the shiny side of the freezer paper in “reverse” because you’ll be flipping it over to iron on the non-plastic side.

Because the plastic coating is basically waterproof, you can use it for a mat under painting, stamping, or a toddlers lunch. You can also paint/stamp on the plastic side and then transfer the wet design to another item… just keep in mind the design reversal mentioned previously.

Need to wrap a gift and don’t have the appropriate paper? Make a quick piece out of freezer paper. Decorate the uncoated side with whatever strikes your fancy, from pens to found objects stamped with food coloring. Explore, experiment, have fun! Let it dry (if necessary) and then wrap your gift.

The uses in the kitchen are many and varied, too. You can use it for shelf paper, an emergency table cloth and under the pet’s dishes. But one of my favorites is to make a disposable funnel! Using the appropriate sized piece, roll it from one corner, making a cone shape. Insert the smaller end into the container you want to pour into. Adjust. Pour. Toss out when finished!

And, of course, you can wrap up things for the freezer with it… But I have to admit, I’ve never used it for that!