Cool Tool: The Ultimate Glue

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One of the reasons I changed Zelda’s toes was because I wanted to make sandals and flip flops for the dolls. These shoes often have a part that goes between the big toe and the one next to them.

I had an idea for flip flops that I tried out:

Test FlipFlop

These aren’t perfect, they are just a test of my concept. The biggest problem I ran into was how to permanently attach the cording without making the shoe lumpy, and how to get the bottom sole piece to stay stuck to the top. The solution ended up being my trusty bottle of Ultimate Glue!

I really think this stuff can stick anything to anything else! I tend to reach for it when gluing two dissimilar items to each other. In this case, it was gluing the cord into the hole in the upper sole. I couldn’t really fold it between the two sole layers because it was thick and stiff! That meant whatever glue I used had to be strong enough to keep that cord in the hole and not have it pull out during normal play use!

It worked so well, I decided to glue both of the sole pieces together with it, too. It worked great for that, also!

This glue is advertised as the crafter's alternative to super glue, but I almost think it should be MAGIC glue! It's odorless and non-toxic which is a biggie for me and works great!