In The Kitchen: Basic Nut Crust

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This is a basic, no bake, nut and grain crust for no bake pies. It’s easy to make, and easy to alter depending on the flavors you like and any allergies you may have.

Here’s the setup for the one I’m making today.

Nut Crust Set Up


Food Processor

9-inch pie plate


6 Medjool dates, pitted, cut in half

1 cup walnuts

12 cup pecans

14 cup almonds

2 tablespoons golden flax meal

14 cup steel cut oats

14 cup Bob’s Creamy Buckwheat

2 tablespoons Agave Nectar


Put the dates and the almonds in the food processor.

Dates and Almonds

Pulse a couple of times to begin chopping them up.

Dates and Almonds Chopped

Add the walnuts and the pecans.

Adding Walnuts

Pulse a few times.

Walnuts Blended

Add the grains to the food processor.

Adding Grains

Pulse a few times until well blended and everything is about the same size.

Grains Blended

Pour the agave syrup over the mixture.

Adding Agave

Pulse a few more times until the mixture is sticking to itself.

Agave Blended

Put about half of the mixture in your pie plate.

Nut Crust in Pie Plate

Use an offset spatula or a silicone spoon (like I’m using here) to press the mixture down, and up the sides.

Spreading Crust Mix

Add more mixture as needed and continue pressing it in place and working it up the sides of the pie plate until it is the way you need it for your pie.

Finished Nut Crust

Because I didn’t need it to go all the way to the rim for the pie I’m making, I had some left over. That’s fine! You can sprinkle it on yogurt, make it into balls and eat as cookies, or freeze it to use later!

Put the crust in the freezer to set it while you make the filling. You can even make this ahead and freeze it, covered with plastic wrap, until you’re ready to use it.


You can use any combination of nuts you like for this. Just make sure the combination equals about 1-34 cup for a 9-inch pie plate.

You can also use any dried fruit: apricots, figs, raisins, etc. The amount should be about 12 to 34 cup, depending on how dry/sticky they are. If they are very dry, you can increase the amount of agave at the end to compensate. If they are very wet, you may not even need the agave, it’s just to help everything stick together!


This is a really quick, easy crust. I’m using it today for a chocolate raspberry pie! You could press it into individual tart or pie pans, if you wanted, or even in the bottom of muffin cups. It adds a nice crunchy texture to any kind of cream pie or cheesecake.