In The Kitchen: Monday

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I like to start the day by loading up the dehydrator. That way, it has plenty of time to run before any afternoon storms. Today I made Zucchini Chips. These were quick and easy to prep, since all you have to do is wash the zukes and then slice them about 14 inch thick. I dry them at 125 degrees until they are dry and crispy. They keep a long time in the pantry. This is the time of year that zucchini is on sale, so I like to make a lot of these so I have them in the fall.

Zucca Chips

Once those were going, I started some potatoes and carrots steaming so that I can make dehydrator potato chips tomorrow morning.

Black Bean and Corn Salad

Then I made black bean and corn salad. This is quick and easy, and you can make a bunch because it will keep in the refrigerator for several days. It can be eaten as a main course, or used as a side dish. It also works well as a relish on tacos. DH likes to take this in his lunch, which is one of the main reasons I made it today. I try to make sure he has many choices for his lunch box!

The main ingredients in this one are:

black beans, cooked and well drained

roasted red corn

red bell pepper

red onion

fresh jalapeno plus another small piece of roasted jalapeno that was leftover from something else



carrot, grated

roma tomatoes

garlic clove

fresh cilantro

The dressing contained:

juice from 12 lime

basalmic vinegar

olive oil

Seasoned with:

Mrs. Dash Table Blend

fresh ground pepper

small amount of salt

onion powder

garlic powder

chili powder


Mrs. Dash Spicy Blend

dry mustard powder

I’m sorry there aren’t any measurements, but I don’t usually measure out things. I just wing it when it’s something I make frequently.

Cauliflower Spinach Jalfrezi

Dinner was made up from things we had on hand. I am trying to clear out the refrigerator so I can give it a good scrubbing, and the freezer so I can defrost it.

I started out by cooking some brown and wild rice blend in the microwave.

While that was cooking, I cut up and steamed a head of cauliflower that’s been hanging around in the refrigerator for over a week. I wanted to get it taken care of before it spoiled.

I had leftover spinach from a Bright Lights salad I made last Thursday. The recipe for that is in the Nourish Restaurant’s cookbook. The salad is also on their daily menu. I also used some of the spinach on Sunday to make a greek salad. I wanted to wilt the rest of it so I could use a little bit tomorrow. Today I sauteed some onions and garlic in a little olive oil. The pan was deglazed with a little white basalmic vinegar and some water. I threw in the spinach and tossed it with everything. Then turned off the heat and covered tightly until everything else was ready.

The meatballs were hanging out in the freezer. They are “leftover” from before I stopped eating meat. (Yes, I ate these tonight. When the meat in the freezer is gone, I won’t be buying any more.) They are a mixture of pork, brown rice, minced onion and celery, with chinese seasoning.

I had a jar of Seeds of Change Jalfrezi Simmering Sauce in the pantry that we bought some time back from Sunflower Market. I heated up the defrosted meatballs in the sauce.

This turned out to be a much yummier combination that you might think from just reading the ingredients! Both vegetables were really good with the sauce. I think I will look up how that type of sauce is made from scratch and try this idea again!