Make It: Doll Pattern Evolution

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I’ve been working on a pattern for a small doll for a few years. Here’s where it’s at.

Doll Pattern Evolution

The oldest version is on the left. I made it a few years ago, and wasn’t happy with it for several reasons. First of all, I didn’t like the feet. And the head had both good and bad points. I liked the elf ears and smile, but the nose was just too much.

So I put her away, life happened, and I took her out a couple of weeks ago. I decided to give it another go. So the doll in the middle was born.

Hmmm, there’s some improvement here, but the head is still too funky.

I was looking through a drawing book for Chibi, and other anime figures, and decided to give the head another go… So the doll on the right I completed last Friday.

I think I’ll complete this one!

These dolls are about 10”-11” tall. They are made out of muslin, and use a simple, exterior button joint system. The first one on the left has black button eyes. I used 6mm, black safety eyes for the middle version. For the doll on the right, I just used a black micron pen to draw two “dots” for eyes.

After I get the current version wigged and dressed, I’ll decide if I am finally done with this project that has been years in progress!