OMG! I got a Vitamix

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The Kitchen Angel must have heard my plea last Friday! (See post here!) This has appeared in my kitchen.

Vitamix Box

I received a brand new Vitamix 6300 with a 64 oz container! It came from Costco. Vitamix is doing demos of this new model in Costco Stores around the country. The savings is significant when purchased at the demo. Check the Costco schedule for your area to see if there will be one soon near you and save the date!

I am SOOOO happy! I’ll probably be doing the happy dance for days.

“Why is it such a big deal,” you ask?

First of all, I use my regular blender several times on a normal day. That means, putting it together, blending, taking it apart, washing, drying, repeat from beginning each time I use it. That gets really old, really quick. The Vitamix is self-cleaning. Fill it half full of water, add a drop or two of dish soap. Run it variable-high for a few seconds. Dump the soapy water over the top, rinse, ready to go! (I do occasionally have to dry the outside, but it’s usually ready to go in a few minutes!)

Vitamix Out of the Box

Second, the container is double the size of my old one. I’m constantly squirting ice cream mix out of the top of my Oster (yes, around the hole plug, even when I hold it in place!) when I make it. Not any more! This baby doesn’t do that, and there’s plenty of room.

Third, I make cashew creme all the time. Sometimes thinner, but often very thick and with more than 1 cup of cashews. It takes forever, doesn’t get smooth enough, and I have to do it in batches with the old blender. Not any more! The Vitamix can handle it with ease.

The first thing I did (after cleaning it) was to make smoothies.

First Vitamix Smoothie

I deliberately made enough for two glasses, and a thermos full for DH to take to work. It had the following in it. I’m sorry, there really aren’t any measurements. I was so excited, I didn’t write anything down.


2 frozen bananas

an Asian pear, cut in quarters, stem and seeds removed



cranberry/raspberry juice

a handful of frozen blueberries

1 tablespoon lemon juice along with 1 teaspoon fresh lemon zest (It was in the refrigerator, so I added it!)

a handful of champagne grapes

I couldn’t find anything else in the kitchen to add that went with the flavor profile, so I stopped there.

I put on the lid, and used the smoothie setting. I used the tamper at the beginning to get things into the blade. Not a single glitch. Worked great! And … the smoothies were really good!

My old blender would have problems with that much frozen stuff at one time, unless I put a LOT of liquid in it. And it can’t handle a large, hard chunk of fruit in addition to the frozen. I know, I tried it. By the time it chewed up the fruit, everything else wasn’t cold enough any more.

You can actually make frozen desserts right in the Vitamix!


I can’t thank my Angel enough! This will see a LOT of use on an almost daily basis. It will save me a ton of time, and I’ll be able to do things my poor Oster can’t handle!

I’m off to the kitchen!