Packing Lunches

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Have you seen these? Rubbermaid LunchBlox are a huge hit in our household!

My DH has to take his lunch to work every day. The LunchBlox allow me to pack all kinds of things, such as hummus, chips, yogurt, fruit salad, trail mix, etc.

There are three different basic kits: Sandwich, Salad, and Entrée. There are two different sized Blue Ice blocks and two different sized lunch totes designed to hold them. You can also purchase the various shaped containers and ice blocks individually. The containers are BPA-free and Microwave, Dishwasher, and Freezer Safe.

The various size containers snap into each other and into the ice blocks. This means that I can rearrange the configuration to suit the meal in a nice, consolidated block which stays together in the work refrigerator, is easy to transport, and doesn’t take up any more space that is necessary for that particular day. DH refers to them as the “food Legos”, lol!

I really like having measurements on the containers. It makes it easy to control the amounts that are put into the lunches, since we try to control portion sizes and eat balanced meals.

Salad Kit Includes: 1 Salad Container (5.2 cup capacity), 1 Toppings Tray, 1 Salad Dressing Container (1.8 oz), 1 Medium Blue Ice. Size: 4.81” l x 5.625” w x 5.25” h

Sandwich Kit Includes: 2 Snack Containers (.5 cup capacity), 1 Side Container (1.2 cup capacity), 1 Sandwich Container (2.6 cup capacity) and 1 Medium Blue Ice. Size: 4.81” l x 5.625” w x 5.25” h

Entrée Kit Includes: 1 Entrée Kit with dividers (4.1 cup capacity), 2 Snack Containers (.5 cup capacity,) 2 Side Containers (1.2 cup capacity), 1 Medium Blue Ice and 1 Small Blue Ice

Size: 4.81” l x 8.625” w x 5.25” h

The available individual containers are:

2 Pack Snack Containers: Size: 2.33” l x 2.73” w x 4.25” h; .5 cup capacity

2 Pack Side Container: Size: 2.76” l x 4.84” w x 4.25” h; 1.2 cup capacity

Sandwich Container: Size: 4.88” l x 5.55” w x 2.23” h; 2.6 cup capacity

Entrée Container with Dividers: Size: 4.88” l x 8.36” w x 2.23” h; 4.1 cup capacity

I wish the salad dressing container (which only comes with the Salad Kit) was available individually. It is a perfect size for things like Flax Seed Meal, salad dressing, pepitas and medications. Having more of them would be really handy.

I didn’t get the bag to carry them in (although I might in the future) because DH requested a special bag that would fit everything he takes back and forth on a daily basis. Instead, I made him a custom bag as a Father’s Day gift!

Each of the kits I bought came with a set of coupons, including $1.50 off on another set and $1.50 off on a bag! (There are also coupons for food items.) I intend to use the LunchBlox coupons to buy a second set of each so that I don’t have to hand-wash them every evening to pack the next day’s lunch. I’ll be able to run that day’s dirty ones through the dish washer.