Poppet Doll: Ashely

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Poppet: Ashley, front and back

This is Ashley, the first Poppet doll that I made. I was going to name her Mouzie. But when I got the legs put on and stood her up, she announced loud and clear, “My name is Ashley NOT Mouzie!” So now she’s Ashley!

This style of Poppet doll was invented by ghille over at craftster.org. She designed her pattern based on Nuno’s Nekomimi dolls. (Nekomimi means “cat eared”, and is a popular character type in anime.) Her first poppet was presented to the world on August 10, 2007. Since that time, her poppet pattern has been used by hundreds of people, either in it’s original form, or in wonderful variations that will amaze you! There is more information about the history of poppets, including a visual time-line over at thinkscience.org.

The pattern is available from ghille’s website for free. Variations of the original pattern, and clothing patterns can be found on Craftster. Just search the forums for poppet pattern. She has written very good, detailed instructions that make it easy for even a beginner to follow. Read them carefully through before you start, so you don’t have any surprises, and are generally familiar with what you’re doing before you start.

I didn’t have any problems, and I was thrilled with the results!