Poppet Doll: Zelda

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Please meet Zelda, my second Poppet Doll! This time, I decided to use the Elenore pattern created by craftewoman, a regular contributor on craftster.org. The main difference in this version is that the doll has a more mature, adult female body shape, including a bust. The shape makes drafting clothing patterns a little trickier, but I don’t mind a challenge! I also made some changes of my own along the way. If you click on the pictures, you can see a larger view.

Front and back view of the Zelda poppet.

Zelda: Front and back.

I used tan Alova for this one because I wanted a more skin-like color. The ears are different from those of a  standard poppet because I’m working towards my own version of an elf, and I thought these looked better.

Detail view of Zelda's hand and feet.

Zelda: Hand and Feet

As you can see above, I did stick with the standard poppet paw/hand, because I wasn’t thrilled with the hand design in the Elenore pattern. More human-like feet would give me a better shape for shoes, so I tried increasing the number of toes, making the big toe the largest and slightly decreasing the size for each subsequent toe. I’m not totally happy with them yet, and have some ideas for further changes on the next doll. But these aren’t bad!

The biggest changes from the Ashley version were actually things I did on the head of the doll. In addition to the ears, I made the head “positionable”. I liked the way the poppet shows more personality when you can change the position of the head. You may have noticed a dent in the top of Zelda’s head. That is where her head is actually attached to the body. I used the same dental floss that I used for joining her arms and legs. All I did was go through the neck stub from front to back and then took each set of string through the top of the head, a little bit apart from each other. Then I pushed the head down on the neck stub, pulled the strings up as tight as possible and tied them together several times. I buried the ends of the strings back into the head. The dent won’t be noticeable once her wig is on her head!

A closer view of the front of Zelda and closeup of her eye.

Zelda: Closer Views

I decided to go with larger animal eyes than I used on Ashley. Her’s were acceptable, but not thrilling. The smaller eyes, and where I placed them gave her a child-like quality, which was fine for my first poppet. But for this one, which I wanted to be a grownup elf, I went with a larger size, and I think they worked out better. Another problem that I had was finding a color of eye that pleased me. I ended up purchasing clear plastic eyes and painting my own. I am pretty thrilled with the results. So much so, there’s no going back for me… I will ALWAYS color my own eyes from now on!

In addition to the custom colored eyes, I added eyelids. You can see that I stitched them on in the detail view. I was worried about gluing them because sometimes the glue can show, or discolor the fabric. If I figure out a glue that works, I might try that on the next one.

Finally, I added eyelashes. I love the way they look. I used these:

They are the Ardell Fashion Lashes, #110, black. I chose them because they had the most reasonable price for lashes without a colored band. The band on these is clear, so I think they look more natural on the doll. I didn’t even need to shorten them, they fit perfectly on the eyelid!

Over all, I was pretty happy with the way Zelda came out. I’m going to futz with the patterns some more, though, and try some of the changes I mentioned for the next doll!