Food Truck Review: The Uprooted Kitchen

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We love The Uprooted Kitchen Trailer (food truck?)!!!


This is a family owned business, based in a 1968 vintage Avion trailer that specializes in vegetarian cuisine. It is owned by Chad and Erin Romanoff. Chad is a pediatric occupational therapist and Erin is a pastry chef. Their menu includes breakfast, lunch and any time fare.

On Saturday’s they are at the Gilbert Farmer's Market , which is where we discovered them. We had gone to the market to see what all was there, and, of course, looking at food makes you hungry! I discovered they had gluten free carrot and walnut bread, and just had to try it.


It was fabulous! As a matter of fact, it was so good we’ve gone back three times, LOL! This bread is rich and moist, chock full of oats, walnuts and grated carrot. It has a bit of sweet, but not too much, which is just perfect for me.

Note: I would PAY for this recipe! They should do a cook book!

DH tried the pumpkin chocolate chip bread.


It smelled heavenly! As you can see, it’s loaded with pumpkin and chocolate chips and includes sunflower seeds for an additional nutrition boost.

While all their baked goods transport you to the happiest of places, they’re not the only offerings. A signature dish is the Southwest Kale Salad Bowl .


This is one of my instant favorites. It’s a complete meal in a bowl, with spicy tempeh, kale, cabbage, black beans, bell peppers, avocado, radish and topped with a yummy chipotle lime dressing. The seeded crackers add just the right finishing crunch.

DH loves breakfast foods, so last time he had the Vegan Apple Toaster Waffle topped with Pumpkin Butter.


Again, this is an entire meal. The waffle and fruit is severed over a bed of yogurt topped granola. Yum!

Chad and Erin are friendly, outgoing and love to feed people. Their food is delicious and the prices are reasonable, considering they are using the best ingredients, locally sourced, whenever possible.

In addition to the Gilbert Farmer's Market on Saturdays, they are at Food Truck Friday in downtown Phoenix, and JAM for foodie Fridays from 6-8, Scottsdale Old Town. If you’re in the area, drop by hungry and experience their wonderful food!

I will go wherever they are, any opportunity I have to eat. The prices are reasonable for the amount of food that’s served. Everything is delicious, fresh and clean.

For more information, here’s their links: