Rawmazing: Hand Made Raw Chocolate Truffle Box


Tuesday was MIL’s birthday! We took her out to dinner (she loves to eat out) and we gave her this as a gift.


No, it’s not just a box. It contains an assortment of amazing raw chocolate confections!


Here is what is hiding under the two big ones.


Don’t those look luscious!

DH and I made these, from scratch, over several days as a special treat for his Mom for her birthday. She is a major choc-a-holic, but we wanted to make her chocolates that are actually good for her, along with tasting good!

Here’s a breakdown of all the different kinds.

  1. Orange Pyramids. These have a filling flavored with orange zest and orange flavoring.
  2. Hemp Disks. Hemp seeds were put into the mold and then the chocolate poured over them.
  3. Almond Cup. This was made by putting a little bit of chopped almonds in the mold, then barely covered with chocolate. After that hardened, they were filled with almond flavored filling.
  4. Solid Chocolate Hearts, nothing added.
  5. Blackberry truffle. The filling in these was flavored with real blackberries.
  6. Trail Mix Pattie. Our favorite raw trail mix (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, golden raisins, flame raisins) was put in the mold and chocolate poured over.
  7. Peppermint Pattie. A thin layer was poured in the mold. Then the peppermint filling was added. When it set, more chocolate was poured into the mold.

In addition to the candy, we also gave her chocolate covered “Birthday Cakes”. You’ve seen both flavors this week: Hummingbird Cake Bites and Black Forest Cake Bites !

Of course, we didn’t make just one or two of each kind of truffle. We made a mold full of each flavor! So DH and I also have chocolates in the refrigerator for snacking on! And I can’t tell you how good they are!

I used Vivapura cacao paste, cacao butter and vanilla powder along with Coconut Secret Coconut Nectar to make the chocolate. The fillings for the orange and blackberry are cashew paste (ground, soaked raw cashews) with the flavorings and sweetener added. The peppermint pattie filling is a combination of dry, shredded, unsweetened coconut, coconut oil, coconut nectar and peppermint oil, pulsed in the food processor until it was a smooth paste.