Review: Scottsdale’s Nourish 123 Restaurant

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We attended the Gluten Free Foodie Tour at Nourish 123 Restaurant in Scottsdale! The event was organized by the restaurant and by Ken Scheer of Rock A Healthy Lifestyle. His website is a go-to location for living dairy and gluten free in the Phoenix Metro area.

Nourish Restaurant Gluten Free Tour Drinks

We started the evening with drinks. From left to right: Pear Cider, Crispin Apple Cider, and Cucumber Water. Crispin’s Hard Ciders are naturally fermented in the USA from fresh pressed apple-juice. We both liked the Apple Cider the best, and we loved the water. I normally don’t get water in a restaurant because it usually tastes hideous and is served in glasses reeking of bleach. (Yuck!)

Nourish Restaurant Gluten Free Tour Canneloni

I took pictures of the food, but I apologize for the quality. The light was dim and I was trying to stay out of people’s way. These are the zuchinni cannelloni. (I regret that I didn’t take pictures of the signs that listed all of the ingredients. I will remember to do that next time!) These were delicious!

Nourish Restaurant Gluten Free Tour My Yummy Food

This is my second plate of food. I scarfed down the first one before I thought to take a picture. I smelled good, and I was hungry. It’s also a bit crowded because the plates were small. But from the twelve o’clock position, going clockwise: Avocado and Sweet Potato Salad, Zucchini Cannelloni, Quinoa Salad, and Spicy Taco Wraps. Although I loved all of it, I could have eaten gallons of the sweet potato salad and the tacos.

Nourish Restaurant Gluten Free Tour More Yum

This pic doesn’t do justice to the Butternut Squash Salad or the Lemon Artichoke Hummus. I wasn’t super crazy about this salad (although I liked it.) DH said it was one of his favorites. We both loved the hummus and were enthralled at how creamy smooth it was. Raw veggies were provided for dipping in it.

Nourish Restaurant Gluten Free Tour DH's Yummy Food

This is one (of many!) of DH’s plates. For a long time traditional eater, he is really embracing our new food choices. He says he loved everything, but his favorites were the Butternut Squash Salad and the Avocado and Sweet Potato Salad.

All of the food served was dairy, soy and gluten free. Most of it was also raw. The only hot dish was the Three Bean Chili, which was really good and slightly too spicy for my taste. That didn’t stop me from eating two servings of it, however.

Nourish Restaurant Gluten Free Tour Mocha and Lemon Cheese Cake

Two of the three Cheese Cakes were lemon (left) and Mocha. I’m not actually sure about the flavor of the one on the left. It was mild and yummy, but for some reason doesn’t stick in my mind. The Mocha was really good. I don’t normally like coffee flavor. I don’t drink it, and I usually avoid things with it as a flavoring. However, my goal this night was to at least taste everything! I was really surprised, because I really liked it!

Nourish Restaurant Gluten Free Tour Dark Chocolate Cheese Cake

Tada! My favorite dessert. I love chocolate and this one was Dark Chocolate with walnuts in the crust. All of them were very light, mousse style. But I’ll always pick the dark chocolate as the best!

There were other items on the menu. We did try all of them, but didn’t take pictures of everything. There was nothing I didn’t like!

One of the things I was very impressed with is how knowledgeable the staff is. After the crowd calmed down, I was able to ask one of the staff about some of the ingredients which were new to me. I got lots of information, and there was nothing they couldn’t answer.

We also got a pleasant surprise on Sunday afternoon. Although the food had a reasonable sodium content, it was higher than we normally eat. There were coconut products in many things (you wouldn’t know it unless someone told you, nothing tasted like “coconut”.) These are things we have been avoiding because of DH’s past health problems. Well… he had the LOWEST afternoon BP readings he’s had since the move!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this restaurant to anyone, even people who have never experienced this type of cuisine. We plan to take MIL there in the future, to expose her to some different possibilities. We will be going back on Wednesday evening, eating again, and attending the Freak At the Table meetup.