Trick: How to Turn a Tail

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Sometimes the simplest of tools are the most useful!

The doll I’m making has a “tail”. It is a thin tube that is sewn, and then turned right side out before attaching to the body. It can be tricky to turn such a tiny thing right side out, but I’ve developed a technique that is simple, and works like a charm!

You will need the sewn tail and a chop stick!

Tail Turning Setup

With your fingers, push in the sewn end, just enough to make a little pocket.

Tip of Tail Pushed In

Insert the tip of the chopstick into the pocket.

Inserting Chop Stick

Holding the tail in your left hand (if you’re right handed) gently grab the seam and work it down over the chop stick. Don’t push too hard, you don’t want to make a hole in the end of your tail!

Continue tugging on the seam and pushing gently on the chop stick until the tip of the tail peeps out of the open end of the piece.

Tail Partially Turned

At this point, you can grab the tip of the tail, pull out the chop stick, and slid the remainder down until the piece is right side out!

Tail Turned Right Side Out

Simple, easy, and it works! It only takes me a few seconds to turn a tail right side out using this method!