Trick: Magnetic Attachements

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I have something that I want to attach to the back of the poppet doll that I am making. I decided that using a magnet is a good way to make the object “stick”, yet make it easily removable.

I have some small, super strong, neodymium magnets, and I decided to use one inside the back of the doll. So then, I had to come up with a way to attach it, so it stays in the proper location.

Note: If you decide to do this, you need to be aware that neodymium magnets are dangerous, especially for small children. They are bright, shiny and small, and there have been several deaths due to children swallowing them!

These are what I used.

Magnet, Covering Circle and Padding

I cut out a piece of fabric, larger than the magnet. The little bit of stuffing, I ended up not using.

I placed the magnet on the seam in the center of the back and covered it with the fabric. Then I sewed the circle to the seam allowance only, to hold it in place.

Magnet Attached to Seam

No stitching shows on the outside of the back piece!

Right Side of Back

Here is the body, sewn together, ready to stuff.

Assembled Body

This is a good technique for attaching removable wings to a doll! (Although that’s not what will be attached to this one.)