What’s For Breakfast: The Basics

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Since I am now vegan (except for some fish) and gluten-free, people ask me all the time what I eat for breakfast. Well, the most truthful answer is: Whatever I want!

For example, on Sunday I had chile relleno. DH usually makes breakfast on Sunday. This week he stuffed grilled Poblano chiles with a brown and wild rice mixture, sauteed onions, roasted corn, pepitas, sunflower seeds, and some “test” vegan cheese I made that was a bit like Parmesan. It was served with a little Daiya pepper jack cheese and some tomatillo salsa on top. It was yummy!

However, I do have a classic, standby breakfast.

My Basic Breakfast


18 c almonds, raw

18 c walnuts

14 c Bob’s Organic Creamy Buckwheat

14 c steel cut oats

1 tablespoon sunflower kernels, raw

1 tablespoon pepitas, raw

1 teaspoon golden flax meal

14 c coconut yogurt, plain

18 c raisins

1 c fruit (about 1 nectarine, 12 banana, etc.)

I mix everything together in a bowl and eat it. Sometimes I have less fruit. I usually always have the raisins, but the extra fruit depends on what I have and how hungry I am.

This breakfast is actually packable, you can combine everything, put it in a wide-mouth Thermos and eat it when you get to work. The grains will be a little softer, depending on how long your drive is, but it works just fine!