What’s For Dinner: Brussels Sprouts

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What is your family’s reaction when these show up at your house?

Brussel Sprouts

I bet I can guess!


“I’m not eating THAT!”

“I HATE those!”

Not at our house! When these show up in my Bountiful Baskets I jump for joy. I’m so happy when the time of year arrives that these are available!

This didn’t used to be the case. I had a friend one time that often used the phrase, “Take (food of your choice) and ruin it by (method of your choice).” Well, here it is for this food: “Take Brussels sprouts and ruin them by boiling them to death!” Yuck! I used to eat them, because the only food I absolutely refuse to eat is Lima Beans, but they were far and away one of my least favorites.

That was until I learned how to cook them so they come out yummy!

As with other members of the cabbage family, Brussels sprouts are super good for you. They are thought to have potent anti-cancer properties along with a boat load of vitamins and minerals.

Here is my setup for cooking them.

First clean the little sprouts by washing them, cutting off the bottoms to remove any brown, woody parts of the stem, and remove any discolored leaves. Cut each sprout in half, through the center.

Note: I also got cauliflower in my Bountiful Baskets that I wanted to roast right away for a roasted cauliflower soup later in the week, so that’s going in the pan too. It’s not necessary to include it.


Roasting Pan


Spray the roasting pan with non-stick cooking spray. Start the oven preheating at 450 degrees. You want the oven HOT for this!


cleaned Brussels sprouts, cut in half



olive oil

1 onion, sliced

several fat cloves of garlic


Put the sprouts, onion and garlic in the roasting pan. (If you use big cloves of garlic, they are less likely to burn.)

Add a little olive oil and toss until everything is nicely coated.

Add salt and pepper to taste, and toss again to mix it around.

Brussel Sprouts In Pan

Place in center of hot oven. Roast for 30-35 minutes. Whenever you think about it, open the oven and quickly give the pan a nice shake to roll sprouts around. (I usually do this a couple of times.)

The sprouts are done when they are crispy and brown… NOT BURNED! So keep an eye on them after 25 minutes.

Note: Mine got just a little bit over done, but they were still REALLY good. I just didn’t shake the pan enough!

Brussel Sprouts Done

Serve immediately.


Try not to over crowd the pan. You want these to roast, and not really just sit there and steam because they are too crowded.

If you have leftovers (yeah, like that happens around here) you can heat them back up in a dry frying pan, stirring around until warm enough.


We at them with brown and wild rice and wild-caught coho salmon. (We are still eating fish until DH’s next doctor review.)

Brussel Sprouts Suggested Serving