What’s For Dinner: Coleslaw Vegan Style

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Coleslaw is quick and easy to make… Even if you’re starting the dressing from scratch! It can be a side dish, or eaten as a snack. It’s great for picnics and tailgate parties.

But how do you make a vegan dressing? Start with a commercial Vegenaise? Not me! This is how I make vegan coleslaw dressing.

Here’s my setup.

Coleslaw Dressing Setup




8 oz soft (not silken!) tofu

4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon Coconut Secret Coconut Nectar

12 teaspoon onion Powder

14 teaspoon garlic powder

12 teaspoon Mrs Dash Table Blend

12 teaspoon ground mustard

12 teaspoon sea salt

pinch of paprika

14 cup olive oil


Put all of the ingredients except the olive oil in the blender.

Dressing Ingredients in the Blender

Starting at a lower speed, blend everything together. As it gets creamier, increase the speed.

Blend on high for about 30 seconds, or until everything is creamy and smooth. It should look similar to this.

Dressing Blended Without Oil

Take the center knob out of the blender cover.

With the blender running at a medium speed, slowly drizzle olive oil into the blender.

When all of the olive oil has been incorporated, stop the blender and scrape down the sides.

Blend on high for one minute, or until the mixture has expanded a bit in volume. The finished dressing should look similar to this.

Dressing with Oil Added

Note: I apologize that the two blending pics are a bit blurry. I’m not quite used to taking pictures in the Vitamix yet.)

It should be thick and creamy.

If you don’t want to use it right away, you can store it in a glass container in the refrigerator for a day or two.

Finished Coleslaw Dressing

Makes about 2 cups.

To make the salad, prepare all of your vegetables in a big bowl. I’m using a bagged organic cabbage slaw mix, with the addition of grated carrots, chopped radishes and chopped red onion.

My Coleslaw Veg Mixture

Add the dressing and mix well.

Finished Coleslaw


Silken tofu doesn’t work in this recipe. (If you’re unsure about types of tofu, read this article first.) Soft tofu has more body and less water than silken, but it is still creamy smooth when blended with oil.

The reason for drizzling in the olive oil is to help it emulsify better. The slower you go, the fluffier the end results.

The extra volume is created by the blender incorporating air into the mixture. Running the blender longer and/or at higher speed will incorporate more air.

Don’t over-dress your salad. The vinegar will start breaking down the vegetables and they will release some water. The volume will decrease and the salad will get wetter as time goes by.

This same recipe can be used to make (Miracle Whip Style) Vegenaise! Simply reduce the amount of vinegar to two tablespoons.


This is actually really easy to do, and tastes great. It will keep several days in the refrigerator. Any extra dressing can be used on any kind of salad you like.