What’s For Dinner: Vegan Veggie Burritos

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Saturday night we had Vegan Veggie Burritos for dinner! We used a mixture of things we made, things we had leftover on hand and things we bought at the Whole Foods food bar earlier in the day. I had the avocados and lettuce and needed to use them that day. I had already decided the night before to soak the nuts to make taco mix. I made the nut mix before going out in the morning so it would be ready by dinner.

Here is everything we had.

Vegan Burrito Setup

Starting at the top, left of the picture:

Romain lettuce. This came in our Bountiful Baskets last week. I needed to use it because the tops were getting ratty, and I didn’t want it to go bad. It’s actually what inspired this dinner.

Next to that is our empty plates. You’ll see one set up in a bit.

In the second row from the top, starting on the left is:

Grilled pineapple and green pepper guacamole. In addition to two avocados and seasoning, this had a slice of grilled pineapple chopped up small, two slices of grilled red onions, chopped up small. I also added some of the fresh chopped red onion you see in the picture, white basalmic vinegar and fresh lime juice. Both the grilled pineapple and onion came from the food bar at Whole Foods.

Cooked, mashed black beans. I didn’t do anything special to these, they were hanging around in the freezer, and there wasn’t enough to make an entire meal around them, so I used them for this.

Fresh, chopped red onion.

Artichoke, garlic salsa. We bought that at Whole Foods because I tasted it and really liked it!

The third row from the top, starting on the left:

Vegan Taco Filling. I’ve posted the recipe for this previously. You can see it here.

Chopped super veggies. This is a mixture of cabbages, kale, carrots and broccoli, finely chopped and also came from the Whole Foods food bar.

The rest of the grilled red onion chopped.

Tofu with herbs. This came from the food bar at Whole Foods. It smelled “cheesy” and tasted yummy. It was originally cubes, I just chopped it up.

Almond cheddar, shredded. I already had this in the refrigerator. It is a commercial product.

Bottom row:

Chopped tomatoes. They are in the container of tool I chopped them with because I was getting tired of washing dishes, LOL!

Tofu sour creme. This is so simple to make and only takes a few seconds. It is 8 oz of silken tofu, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of white basalmic vinegar, blended in the blender until creamy and smooth. It’s best to make this at least an hour before you eat it so all the flavors can meld.


These are served cold.

Put a leaf of lettuce on your plate.

Spread the beans down the center.

Add the taco mix and whatever else you would like inside of your burrito.

Note: I didn’t put the guacamole inside, it makes a mess. Instead I put it on my plate and ate it with the rolled up burrito.

Before rolling, my plate looked like this.

Vegan Burrito Serving

To roll these up like a burrito, slip another lettuce leaf under the first one, with the stem going in the opposite direction.

Roll up carefully, then eat!


You can do this idea with almost any kind of lettuce, it doesn’t have to be Romaine. Butter lettuce cups work very well!

If you tend to over fill your burritos, you can use more lettuce leaves when rolling.

You can add cooked brown or wild rice, or use it in place of the beans.

Any of your favorite taco fillings work. Use your imagination and go with what you like the best!

If your lettuce leaves are big and sturdy enough, you may be able to make the burritos a bit ahead of time. If you do that, try to keep the ingredients fairly dry, and serve the sauces on the side.


These are so good! I had to stop myself from overeating. They were a great dinner after running around doing errands all day, and didn’t take all that long to make, because most things were already prepared. I did make the guacamole, and chopped the tomato just before we ate.

Note: When you’re in a hurry, and just need bits and pieces of things, a food bar like the one at Whole Foods can really be an asset. Think about what you already have on hand, and what you can use to go with it or enhance it. Since the foods are all the same price (your container is weighed and you pay by the pound) it works well to fill in the gaps.