Spring rolls are great for lunch, dinner, or even an after-school snack. You can put whatever you have on hand in them, they don’t take long to make, and the wrappers can be kept in the pantry for months! We had a variety of veggies in ours, some Asian Ground NotPork and topped it all of with a bit of Nori Komi Furikake (Rice Seasoning). This type of Furikake doesn’t have any fish in it.
Flat Bread
I have been mostly without bread products of any kind for months. The problem is that most of the gluten free commercial bread products that I like are not vegan. They contain eggs. In particular, I like the Canyon Bakehouse bread. I’ve tried their Hamburger Buns and their Cinnamon Raisin Bread . Both are really good. I also like the Sprouted Corn Tortillas from Food For Life . They are vegan and I eat a lot of them, since they are pretty much the only bread-like thing around here.
I have always loved green beans. I will eat them hot or cold. In a soup, in a casserole, just plain… any way I can get them! When I was a kid, I used to grab a can from the cupboard, open it and drain the liquid, rinse the beans, and pour my favorite salad dressing over them in the can and eat them for snacks. Needless to say, canned green beans aren’t very good… but that shows you how much I love them.
Do you buy canned refried beans? A lot of people do because they can’t figure out how to make a good, homemade version. But, if you make them yourself, you can control exactly what goes in them and make a healthier version. You’ll also save money, because dried beans are a lot less expensive than canned! I make all my beans in the crock pot. I find it much easier and they require minimal babysitting.
Grilled Pineapple Guacamole Ingredients 2 avocados, chopped 1 slice grilled pineapple, chopped fine _ red onion chopped white balsamic vinegar lime juice, fresh seasoning Directions Combine all ingredients.
How many of you think of sweet potatoes as that sweet, marshmallow topped dish served at Thanksgiving? Or, perhaps you’ve had them baked into a pie resembling pumpkin pie? If you’re lucky, you’ve had them baked just like a regular potato, or even better, made into air fries! They are really good for you, rich in fiber, beta carotene (the darker orange the flesh is, the more they have) and Vitamin B6.
Baked Falafel
DH is crazy about falafel ! At one time, in the past, we were going to any restaurant he could find that served it, just so he could try their version. I learned a couple of things along the way: I don’t like it when it is seasoned with cheap, yellow curry powder (aka McCormick .) I actually don’t like anything seasoned with that. I also don’t like them when they are heavy and greasy, without a kind of fluffy interior.
What is your family’s reaction when these show up at your house? I bet I can guess! “Yuck!” “I’m not eating THAT!” “I HATE those!” Not at our house! When these show up in my Bountiful Baskets I jump for joy. I’m so happy when the time of year arrives that these are available! This didn’t used to be the case. I had a friend one time that often used the phrase, “Take (food of your choice) and ruin it by (method of your choice).