I love it when the weather cools off and I can have hot soups for lunch or dinner! This soup is quick and easy to make, once the veggies are prepped. You could do all of that the night before, or in the morning before heading off to work, then it’s quick to make at dinner. I used the block of tofu that I pressed for the Tools: TofuXpress Review .
Aztec Stew
I made a yummy concotion for dinner that we call Aztec Stew. It is a warm, comforting stew that’s good when you want something a bit richer for dinner. It ended up with that name because most of the ingredients originated in Central and South America, although not all of them. In addition to foods you are readily familiar with, this one contains something special: Nopalitos! Nopales are the prepared pads of the prickly pear cactus.
Potato Leek Chowder
This week, we got new golden potatoes, corn and leeks in our Bountiful Baskets! So I decided, since it was raining on Tuesday, to make a potato leek chowder for dinner. We roasted the corn on the grill and removed it from the cobs on Saturday. Then it was put into the freezer in 2-cup servings to use later. So for this recipe, I just pulled out and defrosted the amount I needed.