Packing Lunches
Have you seen these ? They are a huge hit in our household! My DH has to take his lunch to work every day. The LunchBlox allow me to pack all kinds of things, such as hummus, chips, yogurt, fruit salad, trail mix, etc. There are three different basic kits: Sandwich, Salad, and Entrée. There are two different sized Blue Ice blocks and two different sized lunch totes designed to hold them.
When I graduated from High School, I weighed 105 pounds. I’m 5'4" tall, so that was probably a bit less than I should have. However, I was active.. I danced a lot, swam a lot, roller skated a lot, walked everywhere (I didn’t have a driver’s license yet!) Over the years, I’ve gained weight. A LOT of weight. It crept up gradually, almost unnoticed because it was a slow climb.